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1. NGO Declaration Brussels 2009:

Brigitte Chaudhry, former FEVR president coordinated the drafting, agreement with text by the various NGOs after the 1.International meeting of NGO's for Road Victims and Road Safety in Brussels 2009 NGO declaration 2009

2.Post Crash Research:

FEVR’S Post Crash Concept Note: https://fevr.org/fevrs-post-crash-concept-note/

FEVR’s Ljubljana Manifest: https://fevr.org/fevr-manifesto-from-gm/

3. FEVR Documents UNECE Geneva WP1

2000 Assistance to victims of road accidents

TRANS/WP.1/2002/21 - (FEVR)

FEVR Comments

TRANS/WP.1/2003/10 - (FEVR/IFRC) Assistance to victims of road accidents

Post crash issues to be considered for inclusion in WP1