This FEVR Campaign aims at Zero deaths and Zero serious injuries in built up areas by 2030.

2021 is the year of 30: FEVR 30th Anniversary and 30 km/h: We will look out with 30 Teddies for 30 advocates who love love 30

The “VISION ZERO In Cities” program is a concrete response to the challenge of better safety for vulnerable road users, a goal of reducing the number of road crash victims towards Zero by 2030, in built up areas, starting in the EU and spreading to the world Road Victims can never accept a target where we will still have 50% of deaths and serious injuries,.

Vision Zero should be the only target

Vision Zero In Cities loves 30

We put the spotlight on safe walking and cycling and the benefits it can have for our health, our environment, and our bank balance! Active transport modes such as walking, and cycling are emission-free and help to keep our hearts and bodies healthy. Cities that promote walking and cycling over private vehicles have also been found to be more attractive, with less congestion and a higher quality of life.

0by30 loves 30

This is the 30 birthday wish, that this target could be achieved till 2030

Vision Zero Concept Note HERE

Vision 30 flyer 2013 HERE

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