FEVR is looking for new members in all EU member countries and partners worldwide who have similar objectives,
We want to help set up associations of victims and families of victims
FEVR is a Victim Based Federation
and that’s why we restrict the membership to Associations who are Victims Lead for the full membership with voting rights.
We accept Organizations focus on Victim based,
There are 2 other options to be connected with FEVR:
  • as by being a Collaborating Partner,
  • or being accepted as Friends of FEVR,
  • help to set up associations of victims and families of victims
  • and to give advice for start up
How being a member of FEVR can benefit your organisation

A stronger voice for small organisations

Most of our organisations have their origin in a personal tragedy and hence most are generally small AND poorly resourced national organisations, who have taken on the huge task of trying to address the much-neglected issue of road death and injury and road victim treatment, and to make a positive difference in their own countries.

Being affiliated to an international umbrella organisation, with UN consultative status at that, can make small organisations like ours, not only appear stronger to the outside world, but actually be stronger by being united in pursuance of the same goals or aims.
Greater chance for our demands to be met
There is a greater weight to our demands on behalf of road crash victims
Sharing of knowledge and experience
Meetings in countries of colleagues
this also gives additional opportunities to organizations to hold press and other conferences and to highlight their international membership with the media.
Joint projects
FEVR membership on your organization’s letterheads and other publicity materials

FEVR collaborates with relevant European & International organizations and fulfils an important role.