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Vision Zero in Cities
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FEVR Conference Presentations

FEVR together with our German member VOD had organised a conference at the Police University in Münster
The Topics were about Post Crash Response and Deceleration by limiting the speed
Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president:"On behalf of our board and members I want to thank all who contributed to this successfull conference where we all learned a lot"

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ETSC Revive Project presented by Kaja Kobal

Donna Price presenting IRVP survey

Kerstin Auerbach BAST presenting the Internet Helpfinder project

Wulf Hoffmann VOD Deceleration

Denis Petry Changing Cities/Mahnmal Berlin

Dorothee Saar German Environment Help DUH

Kaja Kobal FEVR We Live Vision Zero

Frank Mütze ETSC position on speed

FEVR activities since last GM presented by Banita Fidyova

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