FEVR constitution in Brussels

World Day of Remembrance 2022
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Thursday 1 December 2022 was a historic day for FEVR: the delegates of the member associations signed the constitutive act along with the new statutes of the Federation at the Notary’s office in Brussels!

This is a fundamentally important step in the long history of FEVR, which began more than thirty years ago and now saw a new chapter of strengthening and consolidation written, which will enable the process of being recognised as an ‘international non-profit association.

Thus, the project presented during the Krakow General Assembly by the FEVR president is now more than ever a reality and will be completed within the necessary technical timeframe.

This day was a intense day, it involved us all emotionally given its significance, and it took place in an atmosphere of great friendship and serenity: it was an unforgettable day, which we are telling you about in these simple words to share with you.

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