World Day of Remembrance 2022

FEVR in Brussels on European Transport Safety Council meeting
FEVR constitution in Brussels

On behalf of FEVR, we offer You the poster for the World Day of Remembrance. The poster includes the main theme of the WDR which is: Remember – Support – Act. We attach pdf and also link to editable version in order to change language  version if needed.

The poster includes the photos of all kind of road victims: direct or indirect, showing their faces all together strengthens our message: we are many, we all are victims that is why we shall Remember those who are no longer with us, Support each other and Act together to save lives. There is no clearer, stronger voice than this.  

We believe it is very powerful, calls attention to the problem and WDoR commemorations,  and this is very important to get – with modern and powerful graphics –   to as many people as possible,  to save lives – that’s the most important.

That is why we would like to thank You all for Your support and for sharing the poster.


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