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VOD would like to inform readers about a study conducted by VOD  chairpersons Mrs Silke von Beesten who has published a study on the accompaniment of prevention projects that work with shocking images as part of her doctoral thesis.

Based on the project “Crash Course NRW”, a further development of an English approach “Crash Course” which is a multi agency initiative involving Staffordshire Police Collision Investigators, Staffordshire Fire and Rescue, Staffordshire Youth Services and Staffordshire Victim Support. The presentation puts the audience in the position of a victim, offender or a person suffering the anger and frustration of life changing injury or grief due to bereavement following a road death. This Project was presented in 2009 within the framework of TISPOL (now ROADPOL).

In Mrs Von Beesten’s study, necessary accompanying measures are presented to help avoid a negative psychological effect that is to be feared. With the measures presented, the goals of such prevention projects are optimally supported.

You can find the study with its abstract by

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