Statement regarding World Day of Remembrance

High- Level Meeting on Global Road Safety
FEVR & member from Poland as best practice to follow in the World Bank report

Following our previous letters to FEVR members and friends, we publish our official statement regarding World Day of Remembrance.

FEVR article #2.22 –  World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was removed from the United Nations “Political Statement of the High Level Meeting on improveing global road safety” resolution just approved ad the UN High-Level Meeting on Global Road Safety, General Assembly

We express our great disappointment to learn that observance of the World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims has been withdrawn from the final declaration, despite having been approved in point 42a of the previous draft of the declaration.

 After thirty years of activity in support of the road victims, which of course we will continue to carry out without respite, we believe that this is a serious mistake since it represents a step backwards in the recognition of the rights of victims and their surviving family members. It is an unexpected setback that limits the visibility of the constant and repetitive “pandemic” of the road crime, one of the major social and health problems in the world.

 We know that many points of the previous draft were eliminated from the final document, but this is not a reason for us to also remove the reference to the World Day of Remembrance of road victims.

FEVR, which has always promoted the World Day, together with all Member Associations, calls on all governments to commemorate the World Day to honour the lives truncated on the road.

On behalf of FEVR,

Filippo Randi, president

Katarzyna Dobrzańska-Junco, board member

Yolanda Domenech, board member

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