FEVR & member from Poland as best practice to follow in the World Bank report

Statement regarding World Day of Remembrance
European Mobility Week 2022

FEVR member project for road safety improvement among 17 best practices from the World:  FEVR and Safe System Approach in Action

Road crashes kill over 1.3 million people every year worldwide and seriously injure millions more. A Safe System approach to road safety can drastically reduce road deaths – but how can it actually be put in place?

FEVR member from Poland and its road safety improvement project in whole region has been recognized by the World Bank and International Transport Forum. The project description for pedestrian road safety has been prepared by Antonio Avenoso, Director of European Transport Safety Council and Katarzyna Dobrzańska-Junco, director of Malopolska Voivodship Road Safety Council and FEVR board member.

Only 17 case studies of  best practices from all over the world were taken into consideration for the Safe System Approach in Action. The project has been based on overall approach for road safety improvement taking into consideration law, infrastructure, enforcement, education and post- crash response areas. FEVR actively has been supporting and taking part in the project helping in organization of  psychological workshops for victims and families as well as organization of implementation of permanent  commemorations of World Day of Remembrance in Poland.

The report provides experience-based guidance on implementing the Safe System approach. 

Safe System Case Studies (PDF):


Link do case study from Poland, implemented together with FEVR  within post-crash response and commemorations of World Day of Remembrace:


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