New Decade of Action for All of Us

Official 0by30 in cities pre-event to the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety 2020
FEVR on UN Road Safety Collaboration meeting

It is role of every one of us, no matter if we are non-profit organization, private company, city, region, country– as road users we are all responsible for road safety and cannot accept any number of victims. We shall make an incredible effort to support all activities that help us to reduce the number of victims and follow towards the only possible direction:  Vision Zero. Now, we have a great opportunity to do so.

WHO and the UN regional commissions, in cooperation with other partners in the UN Road Safety Collaboration have developed a Global Plan for the Decade of Action which will be launched on October 28th. It is a very important opportunity for advocacy within our members, all friends of FEVR and organizations that cooperate with us. It is opportunity to join our efforts to speak loudly with one, strong voice: we do not want any more victims to remember, we want to live our lives together! The Global Plan refers to a holistic approach to road safety,  calling on continued improvements in the design of roads and vehicles, enhancement of laws and law enforcement, provision of timely, life-saving emergency care for the injured. It also promotes walking, cycling and using public transport,  underlines the key role of road users behavior on road safety and the importance of post-crash response.

This new Decade of Action provides to all of us a unique opportunity  to learn from the past, to make better future and save as many lives as possible.

Let’s make our roads safe together.


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