FEVR on UN Road Safety Collaboration meeting

Official 0by30 in cities pre-event to the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety 2020
Together for road safety: FEVR activity in EU and UN institutions, cooperation with partners
UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) holds meetings to discuss global road safety issues. On the first one in 2022 the members were planning how to intensify the work to achieve by 2030 at least a 50% reduction in deaths and injuries.
FEVR as member of the group also presented its PREVENTION project for the upcoming two years- with the aim of implementation of the global, national and regional plans and proposed concrete actions to be implemented soon by FEVR. On the meeting were present board representatives : Yolanda Domenech, Katarzyna Dobrzańska – Junco and Filippo Randi – the President.
All of this with one aim – to achieve the reduction in deaths and injuries following always towards #VisionZero! We do not want more victims to remember – we want to live together!
Together, for road safety!
-Building collective commitments 
-Strenghtening partnerships
-Turning road safety into concrete actions! 

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