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22.2. European Day of Victims of Crime
International Women´s Day
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In exactly 4 months FEVR will be 30
1. founded on 6th of July 1991 in Geneva by Marcel Haegi, 1st President
2. Marcel sadly died in 2004 and Brigitte Chaudhry continued his great work
3. Jeannot Mersch followed in 2010 as 3. president in 30 years

3 minutes Read: Johns March Blog

John's March blog

    a lot is achieved
  • Road victims had no voice in the European or international arena before the founding of FEVR (the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims) by Professor Marcel Haegi, himself a bereaved parent, in 1991.
  • Brigitte was its President from 2004 until 2010 and the driving force behind many of its initiatives for years after that. Common cause was made with victim organisations outside Europe. The second encouraging sign is that the voice of road victims is now firmly embedded in the international bodies drawing up plans to cut road deaths. It is no exaggeration to say that much of this is down to the pioneering work of RoadPeace and the foresight of its founder and President Brigitte Chaudhry.
  • A lot yet to be done



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