Let´s go to back new vehicle safety standards without delay

25th anniversary of World Day of Remembrance
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Brussels, 28th November 2018

Automotive supplier industry, cities and campaigners call on EU industry ministers to back new vehicle safety standards without delay
FEVR has joined a coalition of organisations to call on EU Ministers of Industry to give their full support to a proposed package of new vehicle safety measures at the EU Competitiveness Council meeting on Thursday 29 November.

FEVR supports
The coalition is made up of automotive supplier companies, cities and groups campaigning for greater road safety, and includes ETSC, the European Cyclists Federation, FEVR and the Towards Zero Foundation.

Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president:
Those who attempt to weaken the European Commission’s proposal to revise minimum vehicle safety standards should know that by delaying these live saving technologies they could be held responsible by the families of victims, and victims themselves for non-assistance of people in danger by not helping to prevent these numerous tragedies, deaths, and serious injuries.


For more information contact World Day team at info@wdor.org.

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