FEVR supports Polis Paradigm for Safe City Streets

Main WDoR 2019 event in Brussels, Belgium
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
28.11.2019 Jeannot Mersch: thanks to Polis for Inviting FEVR to this important conference about sustainable and safe mobility and we support of course the Paradigm for Safe Streets in Cities "We are happy to see so many cities showing support for a new paradigm for safe city streets. The ten principles of the declaration are in line with our vision to achieve zero road deathsand Zero serious injuries in urban areas by 2030." Most of our topics in the Vision Zero In Cities become even stronger support when working together with such strong stakeholders as Polis

The only acceptable target that all should support
“0by30” We would really like to reach Zero deaths and Zero Serious Injuries in built up areas by 2030
FEVR along with Friends will therefore invite to a Pre-conference in Stockholm on 18. February preceeding the High Level Ministerial Conference
More Details soon "Vision Zero In Cities"



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