Road Safety legislation in Slovenia – round table

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Monday, 3rd June 2019 – An all-day round table on topic Road Safety legislation in Slovenia, took place at the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia. Many gathered participants and stakeholders were addressed by introductory speeches from Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council and Robert Štaba, FEVR Vice-President and President of the Safe Journey Institute (Slovenia).

Four Slovenian Ministers were the keynote speakers: Minister of Infrastructure mag. Alenka Bratušek, Minister of the Interior Boštjan Poklukar, Minister of Justice Andreja Katič and Minister of Health Aleš Šabeder. The first open discussion of that kind in Slovenia had a focus on the Legislation regarding Drunk Driving in Slovenia, the Blood Alcohol Concentration and the Challenges that are ahead of us on that field, regardful the goals of Vision Zero. The organizer of the event was the Slovenian Traffic Safety Agency with the cooperation of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia.

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