Need Speed…. Limits

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Berlin 21 June 2019 - Broad Coalition of Civil Society for a speed limit

Speed Limit now. A Coalition of organisations from Germany asks for a decision in favor of the Environment and Road Safety. DUH, the German Environment Association, VCD, the ecological traffic club, Greenpeace, Changing Cities and FEVR member the German Road Victim Association VOD demand for 2019 a general speed limit on highways, a limit of 80 km/h on non urban roads and 30km/h in built up areas– The German Federal Government must move towards–„Vision Zero“ and protect lives. The societal support for a speed limit on German „Autobahn“ is greater than ever. A petition of the German protestant church reached over 66.000 signatures and will be debated next Monday 24 of June in the petition committee of the German Parliament.Germany is the only industry country which has no speed limit on their highways.

FEVR here

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