Front Brake Light

FEVR GM Münster 26-28 July
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The Front Brake Light - Idea, Concept and Research Results by Bernard Kirschbaum

FEVR General Meeting Front Brake Light Presentation

FEVR supports all measures who contribute to lower the number of fatalities and serious injuries in Road Traffic. We know what works by considering the whole traffic system: the user, infrastructure, enforcement or vehicle. And the Front Brake Light if broadly installed could be one of these measures related to vehicle measures
During our General Meeting at the Police High School in Münster Mr Bernhard Kirschbaum presented this interesting feature
Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president:"The Front Brake Light will help pedestrians and cyclists to recognize if a car is giving way to them and so be more safe, especially children and elderly when crossing busy streets"

Presentation FEVR GM here
More Info pdf Dcumenthere

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