Filippo initially joined the Italian association of road victims “AIFVS asp”, after his mother tragically lost her life hit by a car on the pedestrian crossing. Thanks to his active support, he soon became a member of the Board of Directors and represented the association, as a delegate, in the FEVR. He is married with one son, graduated in Engineering from the University of Bologna and post-graduated with an Executive-MBA degree from the University of Milan. He works as a Corporate Service Manager for a telecommunications multinational, has lived and worked in different continents during his professional career such as in Latin America, North Africa, Europe (Italy and Portugal). Despite his work commitments, Filippo has decided to dedicate his time also to the pillars of the FEVR such as those of prevention, safety and justice for road victims feeling this as his “mission”. Filippo was appointed President of the FEVR in June 2021, following the double mandate of Mr. Jeannot Mersch.