FEVR Call for Action in United Nations in Geneva

Congress at the European Parliament in Brussels, on the Driving License Directive and FitDrive Project

Call for Action, importance of post-crash care as well as a gratitude to UN countries for actions within prevention heading towards Vision Zero has been expressed on the ?UNECE Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety from the part of European Federation of Road Traffic Victims represented in UN in Geneva by Katarzyna Dobrzańska-Junco, FEVR board member.

The Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety is a permanent body in the United Nations system that focuses on improving road safety. Its primary function is to serve as guardian of the United Nations legal instruments aimed at harmonizing traffic rules. The Conventions on Road Traffic and on Roads Signs and Signals of 1968, and other UNECE legal instruments that address the main factors of road crashes (road user behaviour, vehicle and infrastructure) are tangible contributors to improved road safety. The UNECE also supports the development and promotion of best road safety practices and the organization of road safety weeks and other awareness raising events.

FEVR presence in United Nations is a very important moment, showing the importance of the voice of the Victims, very welcomed again in UN by Mrs. Luciana Iorio, Chair of UNECE Global Forum for Road Safety.

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