Here we present some of our current & future activities: "We Live Vision Zero" FEVR Project and the ""Victim of Traffic Offences" where FEVR is associated

The “we live VISION ZERO” program is a concrete response to the challenge of Valletta Declaration on Road Safety with a goal of reducing the number of road crash victims in the EU by 2030. It is a response from all of us who have been affected by the consequences of road crashes, and from all of us who want to create Safe Mobility in the EU, national, and also local levels.

Your rights after a road traffic offence

Here you can find information about your rights if you have suffered physical, mental or emotional harm or economic loss or lost a family member, due to criminalised behaviour on the road, such as involuntary injuries, hit-and-run, drunk driving and excessive speed driving.

"Victims of Traffic Offences"

The 2012 EU directive has established a legal framework on victims’ rights, containing minimum standards on the rights, support and protection of victims of crime. Please note that not every country has implemented the directive in the same way. Therefore, the rights can differ from country to country. Below you can download the 'Directive 2012/29/EU of the European Parliament and the Council' of 25 October 2012 and the 'Rights Leaflet' published by Rondpunt. Click on one of the topics below to find more information about the EU directive and the project : EU directive