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We live vision zero

We live vision zero

The “we live VISION ZERO” program is a concrete response to the challenge of Valletta Declaration on Road Safety with a goal of reducing the number of road crash victims in the EU by 2030. It is a response from all of us who have been affected by the consequences of road crashes, and from all of us who want to create Safe Mobility in the EU, national, and also local levels.

World Day of Remembrance

This years official slogan related to the 2. Pillar of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety is:

"Roads Have Stories"

Indeed many roads and streets have stories to tell, some of them tragic, that are worth remembering It is also about the importance of safe road infrastructure, roads who are forgiving and self explaning World Day of Remembrance - Official webpage

As you may know FEVR who started in 1993 with Road Peace and Brigitte Chaudhry the 1. Day of Remembrance, will also collaborate with all stakeholders as UNRSC & Global Alliance of NGO's for Road Safety to further develop “our” ( the victim’s) day

Please support and share also the official WDoR symbol:
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