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Brussels 21.5.2021
Under our "Vision Zero in Cities" Initiative we have launched during the UN Road Safety Week our award action for Love30 champions".
we are delighted to announce the 7 first Heroes out of 30

Elke Van den Brandt - Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Mobility, Public Works and Road Safety
"Minister Van den Brandt feels truly honored to be nominated as one of your Champions for #0by30 and would sincerely like to thank you for the recognition and your support. She would be more than happy of course to accept your Certificate and Love30 Teddy bear award".

Matthew Baldwin- Deputy Director-General Mobility and Transport
"Truly honoured to be nominated as one of your champions. However it is organisations like FEVR that are the true champions of RoadSafety, fighting tirelessly not just for the rights of victims and their families, but also to make the world – and our cities – a better, safer, more sustainable place."

François Bausch – Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, LUXEMBOURG
Minister Bausch as big supporter of our campaign Vision Zero in Cities, keynote speaker at our Stockholm Pre-event February last year is the prove that if you install measures who really work for the safety of all road users, will then be accepted for the safety of all road users, and you get re-elected 0

Etienne Krug, MD, MPH –Chair of the UNRSC
Etienne Krug has played a major role as Chair of the UNRSC ( United Nations Road Safety collaboration ) that the theme of the 6th UN Road Safety Week was agreed to be 30kmh. Congratulations go also to the whole team, Yours and FIA Foundation

Rod King MBE - Founder & Campaign Director 20's Plenty
"I am delighted to have received this award. I long been associated with the work of FEVR ever since Jeannot and I worked on the EU ECI initiative some years ago. The UN Global Road Safety Week and all the calls for 30km/h limits as a norm are indeed a threshold in the adoption of safer and more liveable streets for all. We are winning but keep asking ourselves why it is taking so long. We still have much work to do. 0

Pieter Fannes, Heroes for Zero, Brussels
"Thank you very much, it's an honor to me. Thanks go also to all the group, because the work we do is very much a collective effort." 0

Juan Mari Aburto – Mayor Bilbao, Spain
Bilbay was this year’s winner of the EC Urban mobility award, the jury was impressed by the city’s communication and awareness-raising activities to promote road safety. 0

Champions have

  • 1) installed 30 km/h as the regular speed limit in urban areas
  • 2) Promote livable cities and cities for people
  • 3) Strengthen safety for pedestrians & cyclists
  • 4) showed strong political will
  • 5) advocated with passion & conviction



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