‘Victims of road traffic offences’
MyLac Research Report

Post Crash Response

FEVR is working on all 3 Issues concerning the Pillar 5 of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

The first topic is MEDICAL CARE: FEVR is associated at ETSC´s "Revive" project

Aim of Revive is to review Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Rescue and Fire Service (RFS) practices in the EU28 and raise the profile of both EMS and RFS on the national and European political agendas. The REVIVE project aims at improving post-crash care provided by EMS and RFS in order to mitigate the consequences of road collisions.

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Concerning the second Topic INVESTIGATION: FEVR had introduced a paper to the UNECE WP1 on MDCI ( Multi Disciplinary Crash Investigation)

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In the last topic JUSTICE FEVR did several research projects which can be found under our Justice subpage.

Justice & Victims

Presently FEVR is associate partner at the project " Victims of Road Traffic Offences" lead by our member Rondpunt together with Moderator and KU Leuven

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