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Attempts to weaken the EC’s proposals on new vehicle safety measures

Road Safety around Garda Lake

Brussels 18.09.18 Thx to the tireless work of Annalisa Mancini, our Italian Member AIFVS and FEVR the Petition asking for safer roads was a big success. Nearly 10k signatures. Annalisas father was killed, as cyclist 22 years ago on a dangerous road at Garda Lake, in July this year another tragedy happened on the same spot, Koen a young boy from the Netherlands was killed as pedestrian. On Monday 17th November the signatures where handed over to the Mayors

Press Release - Press Release

Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president said:
"We as FEVR have since our "start" in 1991 always fighted for treducing road danger of vulnerable road users, cyclists and pedestrians, often forgotten at this time and sometimes also nowadays"

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