Official 0by30 in cities pre-event to the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety 2020

70 NGOs from all Regions of the World came together in Brussels for the 1st International Meeting of NGO’s for Road Victims and Road Safety hosted by WHO. Global Road Safety & Post Crash Response included in the Brussels NGO Declaration drafted by Brigitte Chaudhry, FEVR president 2004-2010 Serious post crash response is a vital component of effective road safety policy and includes: •immediate rescue interventions, thorough investigations, criminal and civil proceedings if appropriate, long-term rehabilitation and support. Therefore NGOs expect Governments to guarantee: • national standards of social, medical and legal care to injured victims and bereaved families • thorough investigations in order to identify all preventable causes and ensure justice for victims • an effective, proportionate and deterrent response to traffic law violations involving death or injury

An important chapter of this first NGO declaration was about Post Crash Response

Post Crash Response

"Beside FEVR there were 15 of our member associations who signed the NGO declaration, this was a first step to the establishment of an International movement of NGO's for Road Victims & Road Safety, the Global Alliance" (President J.Mersch)

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