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My Life after the Crash

VIAS Institute & FEVR just published the My Lac Research Report
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The purpose of the MyLAC project - jointly conducted by the Vias institute and by the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR) was to gain a better understanding of the range of consequences of road crashes for injured victims. The study results lead to the following recommendations: - The judicial and insurance systems and procedures should be improved. Learning from best practice on these topics seems useful; our results suggest that the procedures in Denmark could be an interesting case to study. - The accessibility and visibility of victims support organisations and services should be improved, as well as the quality and range of services. In such a perspective, the victims associations or services could operate as a central platform that could help and support the victims – and possibly also their relatives – through all the steps and procedures following the crash, including with assistance for the defence of their rights. - The efficiency of the post-crash response and support services for victims needs to be improved, since early and appropriate interventions have the potential to substantially reduce some of the deleterious impacts of a traffic crash.

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