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FEVR co-signs letter to MEPs in EP to vote for safer vehicles

Brussels 12.2.19 The IMCO committee in the European Parliament will vote on a final text on how to legislate for safer vehicles in a couple of weeks (21-22 Feb). The letter can be viewed here Letter to Imco and is signed by road safety NGO’s, victim & user organisations, standards organisations, Police officers network, cities networks and environmental group.
As this Parliament’s mandate draws to a close, we urge you and your colleagues to take this historic, once-in-a-generation opportunity to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads. ETSC post Abstract: Measures include Intelligent Speed Assistance ISA; Automatic Emergency Braking AEB (also for pedestrians and cyclists); better Direct Vision for trucks; turning assist for trucks; better passive safety for car front design; and many others The ECF European Cyclist Federation is one of the supporters: What sets this regulation apart from those that have gone before is that there are technologies that will have a specific beneficial effect also on cyclist and pedestrian safety. The measures also come as a system that each enhance the other. ISA keeps the vehicle within braking distance, AEB technologies warns and stops the vehicle if a crash is imminent, and the improved passive safety of bonnet/windscreen design mitigates injury if a crash does occur. ECF Ceri Woolsgrove Road Safety and Technical Policy Officer Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president said:
I remember that in 1997 the 1. FEVR General Meeting I was attending in Viersen, we had the Event Data Recorder on the agenda, Mr. Schmitt-Cotta from Mannesmann/Kienzle presented us the so called " Black Box" and now finally 22 years later it is on the agenda, ....finally"

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