UN General Secretary Report


From 22. till 24. of September 2017 FEVR hold its Annual General Meeting hosted by NahZorg in Leeuwarden

at the Provinciehuis Fryslân in Leeuwarden

The 3 day event begun with the conference, organised by NAH Zorg, titled Rehabilitation Road Victims, where experts of different fields presented results of their research on road traffic safety, brain injury diagnostics and prognostics and brain injury rehabilitation. The goal of all who have attended the conference is rehabilitation: restoration of human dignity for people with brain injury.

On the General Meeting that followed there were 24 representatives from 14 member organisations present.

FEVR presented the running activities as well as some new Initiatives as for example the European project run by Rondpunt & KU Leuwen:
  • Victims of Traffic Offences
  • Flyer Victims of road traffic offences_551
  • Members also presented & exchanged about some own activities in their different countries
  • Also the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims and its future was one of the topics discussed by delegates.
The conclusion of the event was the intent, that FEVR takes an active role in other organisations, is more involved in projects with the European Commission and in overall is actively supporting all the programmes and initiatives who are working towards lowering the number of road accidents which result in heavy injury or even death.

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