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EU Mobility Package to save lives & reduce serious injuries

Brussels – On May 17th the European Commission published a large package of transport Policy proposals, the 3. Mobility Package, including some very significant measures to reduce the dangers on EU roads. The Revision of the GSR ( General Safety Regulation) includes mandatory installation of new driver assistance technologies. FEVR supports all of these measures and especially the ISA ( Intelligent Speed Assistance and AEB ( Automated Emergency Breaking) for all new cars including vans and lorries. But also the EDR ( Event Data Recorder) for all vehicles.

Now all stakeholders need to approach their national political key players that this Commission proposal is supported by the Parliament and the Council.

Graziella Jost European Transport Safety Council program director and FEVR president have recently met Luxemburgs Transport Minister to exchange views on these important topics.s
Luxemburgs Minister Francois Bausch supports largely all these assistance systems and welcomes also that vulnerable road users are considered.."

Download the ETSC briefing at

Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president said:
"We are thanksfull to Francois BAusch for his support and hope that he can convince his EU collueges to follow up."

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