Coalition letter to MEPs
Cultural perceptions and impacts of road crashes

ETSCjust published a new Pin Report N°36 about reducing speeding in Europe

Brussels 18.2.19 Excessive and inappropriate speed is accountable for about one third of fatal collisions and is an aggregative factor in most collisions. The Report can be viewed here PIN 36 2,100 lives could be saved each year if the average speed dropped by only 1 km/h on all roads across the EU
The introduction of the overridable ISA would help to achieve a high level of compliance with speed limits and cut all road deaths by 20%.
Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president said:
"It is as simple as 1 +1; when speed goes down, road deaths and injuries go down. When speed increases, road deaths, and injuries go up. So please reduce the excessive and nonadapted speed on ours, and your roads and streets."

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