Official 0by30 in cities pre-event to the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety 2020

Again a step Forward to Vision Zero

Brussels 26.3.19 Negotiators from the European Parliament and European Commission agreed with representatives of EU Member State governments last night on the final shape of the regulations first announced by the European Commission in May last year. ETSC press release "There have only been a handful of moments in the last fifty years which could be described as big leaps forward for road safety in Europe. The mandatory introduction of the seat belt was one, and the first EU minimum crash safety standards, agreed in 1998 was another. If last night’s agreement is given the formal green light, it will represent another of those moments, preventing 25,000 deaths within 15 years of coming into force." Antonio Avenosos ETSC
New vehicles will also be required to be fitted with Electronic Data Recorders that store vital data on the car’s status in the moments immediately before a collision. Such information is vital to understanding why crashes occur and for preventing future collisions.
Jeannot Mersch, FEVR president said:
"Proud that FEVR was one of the 13 signatories of a letter drafted by ETSC to adress decision makers. Such news make it great to be a Road Safety advocate"

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