3 WEEKS 2 WDOR2017

2 WEEKS 2 WDOR2017

How it started about 22 years ago

"Having a Day of Remembrance for all those killed in the war on the roads would be very appropriate” Brigitte Chaudhry Initiator of the Day of Remembrance

Video  (1’08” mp4 )

“When I suggested the idea of a common World Day of Remembrance to my colleagues at FEVR they were immediately enthusiastic”  B.Chaudhry (FEVR president 2004-2010 )

"Without Brigitte there would be probably no WD of Remembrance, as such, therefore all the victims should be grateful to her, especially also about her Promotion of the WD at UN and WHO”  Jeannot Mersch (FEVR president)

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