fevr is etsc main council and united nations road safety collaboration member
and represented in the board of the Global Alliance of NGO for Road Safety and Victims

FEVR’s main aims are:

-to offer support and help to road crash victims by providing free emotional, practical and juridical assistance through member associations. FEVR by herself cannot provide so much assistance.

-to contribute to road safety by highlighting road danger and the causes of crashes in order to influence institutions and authorities towards implementing and enforcing road safety measures far more effectively.

The Scale of the problem

Road death and injury represent a serious public health problem in most countries of the world.

They are the leading cause of death and acquired disability of young people, particularly young men, under the age of 45 – the very people whose contributions are greatly needed by their countries.
The costs of road crashes – borne by affected families and the whole society – are enormous.

Cumulative scale and effect

The above figures are annual figures,

But of course the grief and loss of bereavement are long lasting, often permanent, as are the pain, suffering and loss of those seriously injured.

The fact that road crashes and those affected by them are treated so dismissively, in comparison with victims of other disasters, is a source of additional upset and grief for road crash victims.

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