World Day of Remembrance

A Decade to Remember, looking back at 10 years Day of Remembrance campaigns 2011-2020

The WDoR for Road Traffic Victims is commemorated on the third Sunday of November each year – to remember the many millions killed and injured on the world’s roads, together with their families and many others also affected, as well as to reflect on the tremendous burden and cost of this daily continuing disaster.

Road victims established this day

During our Annual GM we launched the new WD webpage and recorded the Remember song

Ahead WDoR we make a Countdown with video testimonies from our members: why is WDoR so important for Road Victims?

From Global REMEMBRANCE to global ACTION

FEVR has proposed since more than 10 years the slogan related to one of the Pillars of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, here you can see the video songs with the different themes:

WDoR official on Social Media


Offical WDoR booklet by WHO

For the 25th WDoR Anniversary FEVR will produce a booklet and hand over to all who contributed during the 25 years from 1995 - 2020 and we will organise an ( virtual? ) exhibition with the 10 posters of the Decade to Remember 2011-2020

We hope that during the next decade Road Victims will be united worldwide to further develop the WD as their Day of Remembrance and also not forget the Injured Victims and their Families