Life after the Crash

20.11.16 The Belgian Road Safety Institute communicates preliminary results of the “MyLac” study: My life after the crash: Almost 80% of people seriously injured in road traffic crashes never recover fully Karin Genoe, Managing Director BRSI: ‘On this remembrance day for the victims of road traffic crashes, our thoughts naturally go out to those who […]

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WDR/FEVR Press Release for the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims  Official Poster PR (pdf:)18-11-16-world-day-2016-press-release-wdr-fevr Brigitte Chaudhry, Author of the WDR website, said: “The fact that Pillar 5 of the Global Decade Plan includes actions relating to investigation and justice issues, not only medical care, is of great importance to a huge number […]

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1 week till WDR

next sunday will again be the world day of remembrance for road traffic victims as every 3. sunday in November On World Day of Remembrance we also say ‘Thank you’ to all Emergency Services & Police Forces  video through the whole world there will be many events hold by road traffic victims associations joint by […]

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2 weeks 2 WDR

2w2w: In just 2 weeks there will be as every 3. Sunday in November the Around the world there will be many activities, further away as in the USA,NY, in Russia, but also here in Europe as in Luxemburg, Belgium,UK,Ireland, to name only some, but also in Africa, Asia and South America Road Traffic Victim […]

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WDR is approaching

5 weeks till World Day of Remembrance which will be on Sunday 20.11.2016 Social Media Hashtag is: #WDR2016 As every year the FEVR/WDR team has again developed a poster/video which can be requested (with your Logo) under:  Poster/Video Request Form Poster/Video Request Form  

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6 weeks till WDR

In exactly 6 weeks, Sunday November 20th will be the next WDR: The role of the World Day The World Day of Remembrance (WDR) exists to create a global culture of proper road safety. Celebrating the memory of those friends and relatives who died or were seriously injured on the world’s roads sets a collective […]

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TISPOL conference in Manchester

FEVR participated at the European Traffic Police Network ( TISPOL) Conference on 4-5 October in Manchester: Road safety: innovation and success – What works – and what could work in future – as we strive to reduce deaths and serious injuries on Europe’s roads agenda FEVR president spoke about Challenges & changes needed for reducing […]

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100 days to WDR

Countdown to World Day of Remembrance 2016: Only 100 days to go, therefore time to start planning your event! ‪#‎WDR2016‬ ‪#‎WorldDay‬‪#‎RoadSafety‬ more on: Facebook & Webpage

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FEVR 25th Anniversary

FEVR 25th Anniversary (1991 – 2016) FEVR is celebrating 25 years of working for a better deal for road crash victims – on 6th July in Brussels. Who are we? What is FEVR? “Working to protect the interests of road crash victims & to reduce road danger” FEVR is an NGO with UN consultative status – a […]

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World Day of Remembrance and Messages

Here are the statements and messages we received for this year’s World Day of Remembrance  for Road Traffic Victims: UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-Moon: UNSG_statement_2014_English Commissioner Violeta Bulc, the Commissioner for Transport, has prepared a video statement for the World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims The video message will go out with a […]

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