Katarzyna Dobrzanska


FEVR Call for Action in European Comission

FEVR Call fo Action in European Comission May 19th European Federation of Road Traffic Victims was invited to present the views on Directive concerning consequences of […]

Together for road safety: FEVR activity in EU and UN institutions, cooperation with partners

The pandemy has forced us to act in a different way, but not to stop working with FEVR members and for FEVR members. Always  strengthening our […]

FEVR on UN Road Safety Collaboration meeting

UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) holds meetings to discuss global road safety issues. On the first one in 2022 the members were planning how to intensify […]

Thank You for being with us. Merry Christmas!

Dear FEVR Members, Dear FEVR Friends, We would like to thank You for being with us this year, send our warmest greetings and wish You all […]