The World Health Organisation just released the GSRRS ( Global Status Report on Road Safety)

it shows insufficient attention has been paid to road safety and that a heavy price is being paid in terms of lives lost, long-term injury and pressure on health-care services. The international attention promised to the issue  of road safety by the new Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)target to halve deaths and injuries from road traffic crashes by 2020 presents a golden opportunity for much needed action, and one that must be seized by all countries.

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Insufficient attention has been paid to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, who together make up  49% of all global road traffic deaths.

Making the world’s roads safer will  not be possible unless the needs of these road users are considered in all  approaches to road safety. Making walking and cycling safer will also have other  positive co-benefits if non-motorized forms of transport become more popular, including more physical exercise, reduced emissions, and the health benefits associated with such changes





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