FEVR’s main aims are to offer sup­port and help to road crash vic­tims by provid­ing free emo­tional, prac­tical and jur­idical assist­ance, through member associations and to con­trib­ute to road safety by high­light­ing road danger and the causes of crashes in order to influ­ence insti­tu­tions and author­it­ies towards imple­ment­ing and enfor­cing road safety meas­ures far more effectively.

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World Day of Remembrance in Luxemburg

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Marcello Mastrojeni FEVR treasurer and delegate of our Italian Member association AIFVS has translated the “Koch” report ( EU Parliament Road Safety –2020 ) in Italian

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Here FEVR member associations have the opportunity to publish activities and actions from their country.

It’s also an opportunity to present themselves to a larger public


An activity for FEVR 20th anniversary 2011

1)PARC Road Safety Group


PARC Road Safety Group is an Irish Non-Governmental Organization advocating for road safety and road traffic victims with charitable status number 17663. Founded in 2006 to provide emotional and practical support to those who have lost loved ones in road traffic collisions or who have themselves been injured in such crashes, PARC aims to protect and preserve human life on Irish roads and to prevent needless pain and suffering.

parc road safety group. what we do ( pdf 112kB )


2)Luxemburgs Road Victim Association

AVR was created in April 1992, as an initiative of some victims of traffic accidents, along with a small group of experts. All volunteers, their aim was to assist and support traffic accident victims and their families through the difficulties following such an event.

Supported by the Ministry of  Family since 1995, AVR has been specially backed by the Ministry since January 2000.


The steady increase of traffic on our roads is resulting in a growing number of traffic crashes. This is a real public health problem, given the number of victims involved and the often severe consequences for the victims and their loved ones. Beyond its sheer physical consequences, the psychological aftermath of an accident can be devastating to a family.

AVR’s aims are to assist in:

  • supporting victims and their families by providing moral, legal and psychological aid after a car crash and guiding them in their dealings with government, employers, the criminal and civil justice systems and insurers
  • providing adequate rehabilitation and reintegration into their family and work lives
  • improving the quality of life of victims and their families
  • addressing the problems posed by traffic crashes to victims, their families and the community
  • collaborating on efforts to reduce traffic crashes.


National Association of Traffic Victims
354, rue de Neudorf

Tel: +352 26 43 21 21
fax: +352 26 43 22 43

Email: avr@pt.lu

Hours: Mon-Fri, 09:00–11:00 and 14:00–16:00



from left to right

1 row: Nico Welter bereaved father, vice-president

Jeannot Mersch, bereaved father, president

Dr. Françoise Paquet, rehabilitation center

Romaine Hendel-Thorn, treasurer

Marcel Becker ( standing ) bereaved father

2nd row:

Armand JAMINET, retired police-man

Josette Muller-Poos, bereaved mother

Cillie Hoffmann, berieved wife

Peter Vlaming, injured victim, secretary

Paul Hendel, injured, founding member

Charles Bruck, rescue services

Louis Kinzinger, insurance counceling