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1. FEVR study undertaken in collaboration with the European Commission ( 1997)

Impact of Road Death & Injury

Impact: FEVR impact1001 (pdf 2,5 MByte)

Appendices: FEVR impactApp001 (pdf 2,4 MByte)

Study ( resummee) in German: Blue Book German003 (pdf 2,32 MByte)

Study (resummee) in Portuguese: Blue Book Portuges004 (pdf 1,66 MByte)

2. NGO Declaration Brussels 2009:

PDF: Brussels NGO declaration

3.Post Crash Research:

FEVR’S Post Crash Concept Note: http://fevr.org/fevrs-post-crash-concept-note/

FEVR’s Ljubljana Manifest: http://fevr.org/fevr-manifesto-from-gm/