Here we present some of our current & future activities

Road Victim Rehabilitation

During our last General Meeting in Leeuwarden NahZorg & FEVR had organised a Conference about the "Rehabilitation of Road Traffic Victims" & Presented the Victim Package 2.0

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FEVR plans as one of our future activities to focus on rehabilitation and provide better care to people with traumatic brain injury

Road Victims with brain injuries problems and difficulties in daily live are often not well understood as they are not well seen (President J.Mersch)

World Day of Remembrance

World Day of Remembrance - Official webpage

As you may know FEVR who started in 1993 with Road Peace and Brigitte Chaudhry the 1. Day of Remembrance, will also collaborate with all stakeholders as UNRSC & Global Alliance of NGO's for Road Safety to further develop “our” ( the victim’s) day

Please support and share also the official WDoR symbol:

The Black Ribbon

we also want to thank the FIA Foundation for their financial support during 2017 and for 2018 to make it thus possible to Promote the day for all Road Traffic Victims even more broadly.